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When it comes to children, healthcare should be different. That’s why St. Luke’s offers specialized pediatric care—designed with children in mind. So whether it’s treating simple sniffles or a chronic condition, our pediatric team is here to deliver the expert care your child needs.

Want to learn more about the unparalleled care your child will receive at St. Luke’s? Here are real stories from parents just like you—about kids just like yours.

Alina with Doctor

Alina is an aspiring chef and has a big personality. She suffers from chronic ear infections, but everyone at St. Luke’s Coopersburg Pediatrics is aware of her history, engages her, and makes both Alina and her mother, Jessica, feel welcome. 

Charlotte with Doctor

Budding athlete Charlotte is an active, social, and happy two-year old. She loves music and loves to dance, but more than anything Charlotte loves to watch football and enjoys visiting her pediatrician, Dr. Sharma.

David with a saxophone

David hopes to be playing his saxophone again soon with his Belvidere (NJ) High School band, now that his doctor has given him a thumbs up.

Garrett with Doctor

Garrett, four, is a healthy preschooler who loves playing outside, digging in the dirt and is a big fan of Bob the Builder. Him and his brother, Wyatt, have been visiting Eduardo A. Cevallos, MD, at Quakertown Pediatrics for their entire lives.

Haley with Doctor

Haley is a cheerleader, a wrestler and a healthy 11-year old girl. And, along with her two brothers, Haley has been receiving care from Dr. Cibischino since she was a baby.

James with Doctor

James has asthma and suffers with allergies so when he is sick his issues become acute. Dr. Jones, Dr. Moffitt and the entire staff at St. Luke’s Allentown Pediatrics are all well aware of James’ history and are always mindful of his chronic issues and how they may affect his overall wellbeing.

Joseph with Doctor

12-year old Joey has been a patient at A.B.W. St. Luke’s Pediatrics for his whole life. In fact, he’s gotten to know everyone at the practice so well that when he visits, he feels like he’s going to a friend’s house.

Becca and Jules

Becca was overjoyed at the birth of her son Jules in August 2020 following several miscarriages.  But by the time her first child was four months old, Becca was alarmed.  Due to torticollis in his neck (a condition where a child's head persistently tilts to one side) Jules was never effectively able to breastfeed, but as he grew older he had difficulty swallowing, had an aversion to the bottle and even struggled to swallow water.  “I was watching my baby starve,” shares Becca.


Following a routine eye exam, 10-year-old Nicholas’ eye doctor was concerned about the dramatic change in his vision. Diagnosed with Graves Disease (the overproduction of thyroid hormones), Nicholas began taking medication which required routine bloodwork every few weeks.

Terrell with Doctor

Terrell wants to be a doctor. His love of medicine makes visits to the pediatrician easy. In fact, he looks forward to going to his appointments.