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Patient Stories

Children are not small adults… it’s a cliché, but it’s true. And they shouldn’t be treated that way -- that’s especially true when it comes to health care. Often, conversations about health care are beyond the understanding of children – particularly young children. From simple sniffles to the most complicated health concerns, it falls to parents and caregivers to advocate for their children, explain complex concepts and make sure they understand, as much as possible, what’s happening to them. And to tell their stories.

Want to know more about the exceptional care your child will receive at St. Luke’s? Read some of St. Luke’s great stories from parents just like you about kids just like yours.


Haley is a cheerleader and wrestler. According to her Mom, Katelyn, the strong-willed 6th grader is always included in the conversations surrounding her care. Everyone at St. Luke’s Pocono Pediatrics is friendly, she says, which makes visits a lot less scary. Read More>>


James is 4 and has asthma. His mom, Patty, says the whole staff at St. Luke’s Allentown Pediatrics knows his medical history and is always mindful of his chronic issues. We are fortunate to have two great pediatricians caring for our kids, she says. We love the practice. Read More>>


Twelve-year-old Joey has been a patient at ABW St. Luke’s Pediatrics his whole life. Joey and his dad, Joe, have built a nice rapport with the entire staff. Everyone at the practice always puts the kids first, he says, and it actually makes the visits enjoyable. Read More>>


Terrell wants to be a doctor. He has been a patient at St. Luke’s Anderson Pediatrics since he was an infant. His mother, Jessica, says the reason he likes to go to the doctor might be the stickers… but for her, it’s the quality and compassionate care that she has grown to know and trust. Read More>>


A four-year-old who loves digging in the dirt, Garrett sees Dr. Eduardo Cevallos of St. Luke’s Quakertown Pediatrics, the same pediatrician who cared for his mom, Melissa, as a child. The team at St. Luke’s Quakertown Pediatrics builds relationships with both children and parents, she says. They really go above and beyond. Read More>>