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Terrell with Doctor

His mom Jessica isn’t entirely sure why her energetic first grader is interested in medicine, but she suspects it has something to do with Terrell’s grandmother. “Terrell is obsessed with his grandmother and she works in health care,” explains Jessica.

Terrell has been a patient of Dr. Nore’s at St. Luke’s Anderson Pediatrics since he was an infant. Jessica appreciates Dr. Nore’s thoroughness and patience when answering questions or explaining conditions. “She is really good with kids, even when they are screaming,” jokes Jessica. The staff is equally friendly and always genuinely happy to see the kids, interacting directly with them and, according to Jessica, distracting them when necessary.

The practice is conveniently located near Jessica’s home and the team always provides a comfortable experience for them. Whether in person or on the phone, the customer service is excellent. In addition, says Jessica, “They always get me in right away when Terrell is sick.”

Upon further reflection, Jessica admits the reason Terrell likes going to St. Luke’s Anderson Pediatrics might be the stickers – he picks out a variety of them each time he’s there. But for Jessica, it’s the quality and compassionate care from a team she has grown to know and trust.


Following a routine eye exam, 10-year-old Nicholas’ eye doctor was concerned about the dramatic change in his vision. Diagnosed with Graves Disease (the overproduction of thyroid hormones), Nicholas began taking medication which required routine bloodwork every few weeks.

Becca and Jules

Becca was overjoyed at the birth of her son Jules in August 2020 following several miscarriages.  But by the time her first child was four months old, Becca was alarmed.  Due to torticollis in his neck (a condition where a child's head persistently tilts to one side) Jules was never effectively able to breastfeed, but as he grew older he had difficulty swallowing, had an aversion to the bottle and even struggled to swallow water.  “I was watching my baby starve,” shares Becca.