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Female volunteer in a blue volunteer shirt


Use your skills to make a difference.

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Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering at St. Luke's is more than just providing service; it's giving hope to our patients, staff, and visitors.

Explore our volunteer opportunities

Once you find an opportunity you're interested in from below, select the respective Volunteer Program you fall into, to start the application process. We will contact you to arrange an interview after you have applied.

Note that volunteer opportunities depend on current availability and assignment guidelines.


Volunteering at St. Luke's not only allows you to give back to the community but also offers a range of benefits to enrich your experience. From exclusive discounts to opportunities for personal growth, we strive to make your time as a volunteer rewarding.

Exclusive discounts

Recognition events

Complimentary meals

Sense of fulfillment

2 elderly female volunteers

Why volunteer?

  • Use your unique strengths to make a difference.
  • Lend a hand where it’s needed most.
  • Contribute your skills to improve our services.
  • Meet new people and build community connections.
  • Play a vital role in supporting our mission.

I volunteer because I can use my skills, add to my purpose, and sense of community with the other volunteers and people I meet.

Julie S. Volunteer

Female volunteer named Julie