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A group of students gathered around a learning desk with instructor

Educational Partnerships

Prepare your students for a health care career.

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Help your students shape the future of health care.

At St. Luke’s, we’re dedicated to educating the next generation of health care professionals. That’s why we’re proud to collaborate with local schools, offering a range of opportunities to students. From daytime volunteering to technical school paid co-ops, we’ll help your students gain hands-on experience, develop vital skills, and discover a clear pathway to a career in health care.

Student experience

Note: All volunteers must receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Immersive learning sessions.

Learn how various departments work through 10-15 week rotations, conducted 1-2 times annually. Explore ways your students will benefit with activities such as:

  • Simulation lab tour
  • Nurse educator group exercise
  • Medical professionals panel presentation
  • General hospital orientation

Note: All volunteers must receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Expand your knowledge through presentations.

Gain insights into various health care careers through department showcases, which can include areas such as:

  • Trauma
  • Wound care
  • Cardiac Centre of Excellence
  • Lab

Note: All volunteers must receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Provide feedback through surveys.

Complete pre- and post-experience surveys to gauge your students':

  • Comfort level with tasks
  • Areas of interest and benefit
  • Areas of discomfort
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Group of students in a medical classroom

Where are students placed?

  • Patient Advocate (Inpatient Units)
  • Outpatient Surgical Unit
  • GI/Procedure Unit
  • Acute Rehab (Inpatient Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy)
  • Outpatient Adult & Pediatric Rehab (Outpatient Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy)
  • Infusion Center (Outpatient Oncology Infusion)
  • Pharmacy
  • MRI Center*
  • Lobby Escort/Runner

*Select locations

Medical students in a classroom
Student Expectations

Set your students up for success.

To ensure a positive experience, we expect students to:

  • Understand the equipment and supplies in their assigned area
  • Develop comfortable communication with patients and staff
  • Learn to anticipate the needs of patients and staff
  • Engage with staff about their career journeys
  • Embrace the learning experience