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St. Luke’s Health Network, Inc. (“St. Luke’s”) provides its patients with the highest quality services and medical treatment in an environment that promotes integrity and trust. In order for St. Luke’s to achieve its mission and values, a formal Network Compliance Program (“Compliance Program”) with its policies and standards, as well as laws, rules and regulations that apply to St. Luke’s (collectively “Applicable Standards”) have been created as our commitment to meeting the highest standards of medical and business ethics. St. Luke’s Compliance Program promotes ethical behavior and guiding principles to help individuals adhere to these Applicable Standards. Our patients, employees, physicians, clinicians, vendors, business partners and others put their trust in us and expect that we are doing the right thing.

The Compliance Program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining organization support through a variety of compliance committees to assist the Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer in carrying out her/his duties and to assist with the development, implementation, and oversight of the Compliance Program;
  • Establishing guidance and basic principles about ethical behavior through St. Luke’s Code of Conduct and policies and procedures;
  • Providing education and training to raise awareness about Applicable Standards and ethical behavior;
  • Assessing compliance and enterprise risks through auditing and monitoring as an effort to follow established Applicable Standards and develop a corrective action plan to mitigate these risks;
  • Undertaking other efforts such as promoting standards to assure ethical practices in the clinical settings, and employing processes to assure security of St. Luke’s IT systems;
  • Providing positive feedback and utilizing education to encourage people to comply with the Applicable Standards and applying appropriate disciplinary actions measures for those circumstances where people fail to follow the Applicable Standards; and
  • Encouraging St. Luke’s employees and others to openly communicate and/or report by email, compliance concerns and/or possible misconduct within the organization. St. Luke’s provides an external hotline phone number 1 (855) 9 ETHICS (855-938-4427) or click here to Report a Concern.

Report an Issue

St. Luke’s encourages employees and others to openly communicate and / or report by email, compliance concerns and / or possible misconduct within the organization. All good faith reports can be made without fear of retaliation. The Compliance Reporting Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reports can be made both anonymously and confidentially.

To report a Compliance Concern
Call 1 (855) 9 ETHICS (855-938-4427)

St. Luke’s University Health Network Corporate Code of Conduct

The St. Luke’s Code of Conduct is an important tool in our Compliance Program. The St. Luke’s Code of Conduct provides guidance for conducting business and providing patient care in a manner that helps us achieve our mission, vision, and values. St. Luke’s follows regulatory standards and requirements in all our patient engagements and business activities. The Code helps us comply with these standards and demonstrates to our patients and the community that we are committed to ethical and honest behavior.

The St. Luke’s Code of Conduct is a resource to help make the right choice, even when decisions are not easy. The Code does reference specific St. Luke’s policies for additional information and guidance. Everyone at St. Luke’s should feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance, and the Code includes contact information for times when answers are not clear. Please visit our St. Luke’s Code of Conduct Brochure.

Patients Notice of Privacy Practices

St. Luke’s University Health Network, and its Affiliates are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our patient’s medical information. In compliance with State and Federal law, St. Luke’s provides the following Notice of Privacy Practices.