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St. Luke’s has always been known for providing the highest level of maternal and newborn care through a compassionate and personalized approach. The most comprehensive program of its kind in the region, the St. Luke’s Baby & Me Support Center provides mothers, fathers, support persons and family members with a variety of services commonly needed before, during and after pregnancy in multiple convenient locations closer to home.

What we offer

St. Luke’s Baby & Me Support Centers deliver personalized and compassionate care that includes:

Classes - Prenatal and postnatal classes

Daily tummy time plays an important role in your baby’s immediate and future development!

Tummy Time benefits include:

  • Strengthening of neck, back, shoulders and core muscles
  • Prepares for milestones like rolling over, sitting upright and crawling.
  • Promotes visual development.
  • Provides an opportunity for bonding.

Join St. Luke’s Pediatric Physical Therapists for a free, hands-on class to learn how to be successful with Tummy Time at home.

Who should attend: Newborns – 6 months of age, or any infant currently struggling with “tummy time,” and a parent(s)/caregiver(s).

Class sizes are limited, registration is required.

Support Groups

Our groups provide new moms with an opportunity to receive support from the St. Luke’s team as well as support and socialization from other new moms.

Lactation Support Services

Lactation services are provided by certified lactation specialists who are skilled at evaluating and addressing breastfeeding concerns.

Post-Partum Emotional Wellness Services

St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Therapists help moms who are experiencing post-partum symptoms.

Schedule Prenatal Education Classes

St. Luke's Baby & Me Locations

St. Luke's Baby & Me Support Center - Bethlehem
1425 Eighth Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18018
484-526-BABY (2229)
St. Luke's Baby & Me Support Center - Palmerton
555 Delaware Avenue
Palmerton, PA 18071
484-526-BABY (2229)