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Haley with Doctor

Haley’s mom Katelyn likes the family environment at St. Luke’s Pocono Pediatrics. “It doesn’t feel like you are walking into a doctor’s office,” explains Katelyn. “Everyone at the practice is friendly - they joke with the kids, which makes visits a lot less scary.” Dr. Cibischino interacts directly with Haley, engaging her in all the conversations surrounding her care. Katelyn also appreciates the responsiveness of the team. “When I call the office, I speak with a person directly and I either receive an answer to my question during that conversation, or I get a return phone call quickly.” That responsiveness was particularly helpful when a much younger Haley stuck an object up her nose.

Since joining St. Luke’s University Health Network, the practice moved to a new, convenient location, making visits easy for parents and kids with busy schedules. According to Katelyn, “the new office is clean and convenient but if they ever relocated, I would follow – Dr. Cibischino is amazing!”

Today Haley is a strong-willed 6th-grader with a heart of gold, and she has some interest in firefighting. Her dad has been a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, so firefighting has always been a part of their lives. But according to her mom, “I’m not sure exactly what Haley will grow up to be, but I am certain she will do great things.”

Garrett with Doctor

Garrett, four, is a healthy preschooler who loves playing outside, digging in the dirt and is a big fan of Bob the Builder. Him and his brother, Wyatt, have been visiting Eduardo A. Cevallos, MD, at Quakertown Pediatrics for their entire lives.

David with a saxophone

David hopes to be playing his saxophone again soon with his Belvidere (NJ) High School band, now that his doctor has given him a thumbs up.