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Joseph with Doctor

“St. Luke’s has always been close to my heart since the hospital provided excellent care for my mom during her heart surgery,” explains Joe. “Following quality prenatal/OB care at St. Luke’s, utilizing A.B.W. St. Luke’s Pediatrics was a natural transition.”

Joey and his dad have built a nice rapport with Dr. Aligour and the other physicians, as well as the staff at A.B.W. Having those long-term relationships, combined with the clean environment and the easy parking, diminishes the stress of a doctor’s visit. Living in Sciota, the Wind Gap location is convenient for the Monaco’s and when Joey isn’t feeling well, the staff does their best to get him a same day appointment.

Dad Joe is a critical care paramedic, so throughout his childhood Joey has spent plenty of time around ambulances, trucks, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) stations and crews. Following in his dad’s footsteps, Joey also wants to be an EMT one day, but for now he is a kind-hearted 6th-grader who enjoys boy scouts, soccer and riding ATVs.

James with Doctor

James has asthma and suffers with allergies so when he is sick his issues become acute. Dr. Jones, Dr. Moffitt and the entire staff at St. Luke’s Allentown Pediatrics are all well aware of James’ history and are always mindful of his chronic issues and how they may affect his overall wellbeing.

Haley with Doctor

Haley is a cheerleader, a wrestler and a healthy 11-year old girl. And, along with her two brothers, Haley has been receiving care from Dr. Cibischino since she was a baby.