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Personal Training is truly an investment in one’s health or well-being and everyone can benefit from personal training, not just stars or athletes. Our Personal Trainers keep you accountable and provide motivation, help you develop a routine, ensure you are utilizing proper form and technique, help you to prevent injuries, and maximize your workout times. Personal Training Sessions are available in hour or half our time blocks and can be purchased in individual sessions as needed, or in books of sessions for a discounted fee. For more information on how Personal Training can benefit you, contact one of the St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance Centers and ask to speak with one of our Exercise Specialists.


One Hour Session $60.00
Book of 5 – One Hour Sessions $250.00
Book of 10 – One Hour Sessions $500.00

Half-Hour Session $30.00
Book of 5 – Half Hour Sessions $125.00
Book of 10 – Half Hour Sessions $250.00