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Myzone Heart Rate Belt

Myzone Heart Rate Belt

Map your body metrics and keep a record of your fitness journey with Myzone, an accurate and motivational wearable fitness tracker and online social platform that shows and rewards effort when you work out. The Myzone Belt is available to you at a discounted rate with your St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance membership.

Myzone is tailored for you; your data streams directly to the app so that you can see your MyzonePoints (MEPs), heart rate and calorie burn right in the workout screen, which will show up in your feed after your workout. The data can be displayed collectively for group training or individually direct to your smartphone.


What is Myzone & How It Works


Common questions about Myzone

Is the Myzone belt accurate?
The Myzone belt is 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine. The system will automatically calibrate to a user’s maximum heart rate, accurately reflecting true effort rather than relying on prediction formulas.

How does the Myzone belt work?
Myzone's innovative heart rate belt straps to your chest and wirelessly transmits real-time heart rate stats to an app on your phone and/or to a television display on the wall. This allows you to view your zones, challenge/connect with friends, review your activity, view your calories and effort in real time, achieve your Myzone status ranking and more.

Your belt conveniently displays key heart rate metrics with color-coded "zones" and percentages of max heart rate. These colors/zones help you push yourself into max effort and recovery throughout your workout, resulting in a high-calorie burn, even after your workout is over.

How can I use Myzone Belt to lose weight?
Use the Goals function of the Myzone App to set both calorie burn and MEP goals for the week or the month. If weight loss is your goal, you will want to burn at minimum 400-500 calories per workout if you are working out three to four times per week.

Is there a monthly fee for Myzone?
There are no monthly fees when you are a member of the St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance Centers.

Can I use Myzone at home?
Yes. Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on. Open your Myzone app, hit the red pulse button and go to the workout tile on the main screen. Your Myzone tile will start receiving your heart rate data. If you are at a St. Luke’s Health & Fitness Center, your Myzone heart rate tile will automatically show on one of our television screens.

How do I get my Myzone fitness tracker?
You can purchase your Myzone fitness tracker at any one of our conveniently located St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance Centers. Members can purchase the Myzone tracker for $89 (a 40% discount from the original price).