Sleep Disorders Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

There are many things that affect the amount and the quality of the sleep you get. Some people have trouble falling asleep, while others fall asleep, but wake up often and have difficulty falling back to sleep. Others may have irregular work schedules or work nights.

Sleeping less than seven to eight hours each night is tied to a number of chronic diseases and conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure/hypertension, stroke, obesity, and even depression and cancer.

At St. Luke’s, we treat a variety of sleep-related conditions, including insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, snoring, and others.

Click here for a list of sleep rules that can help you get your “zzzzzs”.

If you are having trouble sleeping, consider taking this Sleep Quiz, or contact the Sleep Disorders Centers at St. Luke’s for help with evaluating, testing and treating problems with sleeping.