Fitness & Sports Performance

Fitness at Home


Missing your fitness routine at the gym? Take the Shelter-at-Home Work-out Challenge with St. Luke’s fitness expert John Graham of St. Luke’s Fitness & Sport Performance Centers. This series of short videos will get you started.

Consult with your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. Listen to your body, take breaks and hydrate as needed to avoid injury.

Fitness – Shoulders

Raises can be done using dumbbells, kettlebells and even water bottles in a pinch!

Fitness – Calf Raises

Calf raises can improve strength and endurance in your calf muscles.

Fitness – Core Workout

Core moves that can help reduce lower back pain and create a shapelier waistline.

Fitness – Squats

This squat series can be done using dumbbells, resistance bands and even a household chair!

Fitness – Planks

Can improve your overall strength and endurance!

Fitness – Metabolic

Jumpstart your metabolism with jumping jacks, mountain climbers and squats.

Fitness – Full body

This full-body fitness routine includes push presses, hang cleans and the split snatch.

Fitness – Squats

Squats can be done various ways – choose the version that’s right for you.

Fitness – Lunges

Lunges anyone? Check out this lunge series that will firm and strengthen your lower body.

Fitness – Push-ups

There's a push up for every fitness level. Choose the one that's right for you.

Fitness – Rows

Yes, you can do these rows on land - no water needed! Remember proper form.

Fitness – Core

Work your core muscles with plank and superman moves!