Advanced Radiology (Imaging) Services at St. Luke’s

Advanced Radiology (Imaging) Services at St. Luke’s

Radiology is central to the detection, staging and treatment of disease. Early diagnosis saves lives. St. Luke’s is committed to having the most advanced imaging services in the area and is an international show site for GE Healthcare. The St. Luke’s team includes board-certified radiologists and specialty-trained radiology technologists.

St. Luke’s relationship with GE Healthcare has allowed the St. Luke’s medical team to be part of the development process from the ground up together with GE Healthcare engineers, leading to innovations in radiology. The GE relationship allows St. Luke’s to offer leading medical technologies at all St. Luke’s locations throughout the health care network. This means St. Luke’s can provide the highest level of diagnostic care regardless of where patients receive their St. Luke’s care.

St. Luke’s University Health Network collaborated with GE Healthcare to acquire and deploy advanced ultrasound technologies. Through an $11 million investment, 76 ultrasound systems powered by artificial intelligence have been installed at every St. Luke’s hospital campus and dozens of St. Luke’s outpatient sites, standardizing care and increasing efficiencies in radiology, cardiology and vascular services.

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