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Helping children and families

St. Luke’s Certified Child Life Specialists help children and families cope with the stress and uncertainty of acute and chronic illness, injury, trauma, disability, loss and bereavement. They provide evidence-based, developmentally and psychologically appropriate interventions including therapeutic play, preparation for procedures, and education to reduce fear, anxiety, and pain.

Your questions answered

Child Life Services prioritizes pediatric patients’ overall well-being by reducing stress and promoting well-being. Through play and individualized support, we’ll empower your child, instilling confidence and creating positive healthcare experiences for them and your family.


  • Prepare children for medical procedures or treatment using developmentally appropriate language and education
  • Introduce coping strategies to reduce anxiety and enhance cooperation with the health care team
  • Provide support and distraction during medical procedures
  • Offer opportunities for play and expressive activities to encourage normal development and processing of challenging experiences
  • Promote family-centered care by providing information, advocacy and support to siblings and families of pediatric patients

When to contact Child Life Services

  • Preparing for a procedure
  • Your child is experiencing difficulty coping with a procedure
  • Child or his/her sibling expresses fears or concerns
  • Child is having difficulty taking medication
  • A new diagnosis of a chronic illness
  • Injuries resulting from a traumatic accident
  • A parent or sibling has a serious or terminal condition

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has endorsed the important role of the Certified Child Life Specialist, and U.S. News & World Report has recognized that expertise in child life is a vital variable in the success of pediatric care.

You can donate to our Child Life Services. Learn more.

Kids and shots

For young patients, building trust with shots starts early. Our specialist shares insights into proper preparation, and other strategies to help your child have a positive vaccine experience. Watch our video and discover how Child Life services can guide you through this process.

Kids and hospitals

Introducing kids to hospitals can seem daunting. But with clear communication, planning, and reassurance, you can help your child feel more secure. Our Child Life Specialist offers key insights in this video, so you can make your child’s hospital experience a positive one.

Need more information?

For questions or to request Child Life Services for your child, contact any member of your healthcare team.
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