General Surgery

General Surgery

Pediatric surgery is a highly specialized field. St. Luke’s University Health Network partners with St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children to offer advanced, subspecialty surgical options for children in the Lehigh Valley region.

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is staffed by board-certified pediatric surgeons who have extensive training in general and pediatric surgery. Using minimally invasive techniques, St. Chris’s pediatric surgeons address the surgical needs of children of all ages, from extremely premature infants to 21-years of age, with a variety of conditions including infections, tumors, endocrine disorders, and congenital malformations of the lung, liver and intestines.

L. Grier Arthur, M.D.

L. Grier Arthur, MD

Pediatric Surgeon

St. Luke’s North
153 Brodhead Road Bethlehem
Phone: 484-526-4975
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