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Sports Performance Residency
    1. Develop sports performance coaches who can apply scientific knowledge to design, implement, and evaluate safe and effective sports performance training programs using current evidence-based research.
    2. Develop valuable members of a health care team who can collaborate with other sports medicine personnel and coaches to implement injury prevention and reconditioning plans, as well as provide guidance regarding optimal nutrition intake for training and sports performance.
    3. Develop innovators who create programs and initiatives to in alignment with personal and professional goals, to engage the community in healthy living utilizing sound business and leadership principles.
    1. Integrate basic and clinical science knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics in exercise prescription for various sports performance settings.
    2. Interpret human performance assessments to apply effective program design.
    3. Effectively apply exercise technique principles to teach and correct movements within a sports performance program.
    4. Create a safe and effective sports performance, sports-specific training program.
    5. Analyze and apply current research to promote evidence-based training and performance.
    6. Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate training plan rationale and coaching technique.
    7. Evaluate and identify strengths and weaknesses of program design, flow of training sessions and perform quality improvement initiatives.
    8. Collaborate with sports medicine staff and coaches to implement injury prevention, rehabilitation, and reconditioning plans.
    9. Understand sports performance coaching as a business and be able to identify and create components of a business plan including summary, organization and management, market research, competitive analysis, marketing and sales, and finances.
    10. Define one’s own SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time frame) goals and understand the importance of a personal and a company’s mission and vision statements and create each for one’s self to enrich one’s leadership.
  • Sports Performance Residents will partake in graduate level education at Cedar Crest College to achieve a graduate certificate or master’s degree in Integrative Exercise Science. Courses are scheduled with consideration for the resident’s typical practical experience schedule.

    Schedule of courses:

    Sports Performance Certificate 1-year Credits
    1st Summer
    EXS 512 Advanced Exercise Science in Sports Performance 3
    MHS 621 Sports Nutrition 3
    EXS 514 Sports Performance Program Design and Application 3
    EXS 536 Sports Performance Fieldwork Experience I 3
    EXS 516 Leadership and Business in Sports Performance 3
    EXS 538 Sports Performance Fieldwork Experience II 3

    For more information regarding the Master’s in Integrative Exercise Science Program at Cedar Crest College, click here.