Laser & Energy-based Therapies

Conditions and Services

Medical, surgical, and cosmetic use of focused light and other energy-based therapies have been employed for decades to successfully treat various skin conditions in a safe and controlled manner. St. Luke’s Dermatology currently offers our patients access to the following cutting-edge technologies:

  1. Fractional carbon dioxide laser (10,600 nm)
  2. Long-pulsed Nd:Yag laser (1,064 nm)
  3. Long-pulsed Alexandrite laser (755 nm)
  4. Pulsed dye laser (595 nm)
  5. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  6. Coolsculpting
  7. Q-switched and picosecond lasers
  8. Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT)
  9. Phototherapy (UV-B narrowband, PUVA)

Utilizing these cutting edge technologies, we treat a variety of medical, surgical, and cosmetic skin conditions such as pre-cancers, acne, psoriasis, scars, stretch marks, hair removal/reduction, veins, body contouring and others. These powerful devices are not without risk, so our board certified dermatologists personally supervise each and every one of your treatment sessions.