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Exact Sciences 2021-05

Specimen Collection Study to Evaluate Biomarkers in Subjects with Cancer

Physician & Study Coordinator


Nicholas Taylor, MD

Study Coordinator

Janine Schippang



Synopsis: The purpose of this research is to collect blood and tissue specimens to analyze biomarkers related to cancer as potential targets for future cancer screening tests. Biomarkers are biological features found in the body that may be related to cancer risk, detection, and remaining or returning cancer.


Eligibility Criteria

All Patients: Male or Female ≥ 18 years old and can provide their own consent; Patients may not have been or currently be enrolled in another Exact Sciences sample collection study

Patient who are either newly diagnosed (Treatment Naive Cohort) or have a suspicion of a new cancer OR have a confirmed or suspected Recurrence of Cancer (Recurrent Cancer Cohort) can be considered based on the following:

Cancer Diagnosis - histologically confirmed solid tumor or hematologic malignancy (Primary liver cancer diagnosis can be based on CT or MRI imaging)

Cancer Suspicion - Clinical suspicion based on imaging, tumor markers, signs and/or symptoms of pancreas, bladder, kidney/renal pelvis, testicular, ovarian cancer or melanoma

- Patients may not have received treatment for their current cancer diagnosis (i.e. surgical resection, any form of radiotherapy, any form of systemic anti-cancer therapy) prior to specimen collection

- No incisional or excisional biopsy for any reason within 7 days (5 days for melanoma) prior to blood collection

- No core needle biopsy or fine needle aspirate for any reason within 3 days prior to blood collection