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Athletic Training Residency - Prevention and Wellness
    1. Develop practitioner with advanced clinical skills to optimize patient outcomes within occupational medicine.
    2. Develop leaders who advocate for quality and equitable patient care within interprofessional healthcare teams, analyze the efficacy of medical intervention, and enhance safety by identifying errors and implementing potential system solutions.
    3. Develop thinkers, who systematically analyze self-practice by identifying strengths and limitations, who set learning and improvement goals by incorporating formative evaluation feedback to guide personal and professional development.

    Athletic Training Residency

  • Upon completion of this residency the Athletic Trainer will:

    1. Advance the athletic trainer’s depth of knowledge within the specialty area of prevention and wellness, specific to Occupational and Industrial Medicine.
    2. Advance the athletic trainers effectiveness in utilization of clinical and site-based assessment to integrate evidence-based and data driven solutions.
    3. Collaborate and communicate within the multi-disciplinary teams of Occupational Medicine and employer relations to optimize the health, safety and wellness of the respective employee populations.

    Core Didactic Instruction:

    Core didactic and clinical experiences will occur with the structure of 5 modules. These modules include:

    1. Core Competencies
    2. Occupational Medicine and OSHA Compliance
    3. Ergonomics and Industrial Health and Safety
    4. Data Analytics and Business Management
    5. Population Health and Wellness

    Athletic Training Residency