Graduate Medical Education


Radiology Residency

Empowering the Next Generation of Radiologists Through Research
At St. Luke's, we believe that research is the backbone of innovative patient care and medical advancements. Our Radiology Residency Program, therefore, is deeply committed to cultivating a culture of scientific curiosity and evidence-based clinical practice.

Comprehensive Research Curriculum
Our research curriculum aims to equip our residents with the necessary skills to translate conceptual ideas into meaningful research projects. This structured program covers a broad spectrum of topics, including:

Conceptualizing Research Ideas: Learn how to convert thought-provoking questions into viable research hypotheses.

Study Design: Master the intricacies of various study design strategies.

IRB Submission: Understand the ethical considerations and procedures involved in obtaining approval for clinical research.

Basic Statistics: Gain the knowledge needed to statistically analyze and interpret your research data.

Manuscript Preparation: Learn the art of drafting abstracts and full-length manuscripts suitable for submission to academic journals.

Robust Research Support
St. Luke's boasts a robust Research Division, dedicated to supporting our residents through every step of their research journey. The division provides assistance with statistical analysis, grant writing, IRB submission and the coordination of clinical trials.

We also have a close affiliation with Lehigh University, enabling residents to conduct basic science and biomechanical research.

Encouraging Research Initiatives
To promote the importance of research, we host an annual research day and competition. This event serves as a platform for residents to present their findings, exchange ideas and engage in thoughtful scientific discussions.

Graduation Requirement
As part of our commitment to promoting research, we require all residents to be involved in at least one quality improvement project and one original research project prior to graduation.

Financial and Staff Support
At St. Luke's, we understand the importance of resources and mentorship for successful research. We provide financial support for research projects and facilitate opportunities for residents to present their work at regional and national meetings.

Our residents are guided by an experienced team comprising the Program Director, the Research Director and dedicated faculty advisors. The Research Institute at St. Luke's also provides assistance to ensure our residents are given every opportunity to excel in their research pursuits.

Dedicated Research Time
We believe that meaningful research requires dedicated time. Therefore, our program allows for protected time where residents can focus solely on their research projects, unhindered by clinical responsibilities.