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Curriculum and Clinical Cases

Essential theoretical components are taught early in the program so clinical applications can be expanded upon throughout the curriculum. All classroom and clinical experiences are offered Monday thru Friday during the hours of 0645 and 1430.

Curriculum Plan

Courses Term I
10 weeks
Term II
10 weeks
Term III
15 weeks
Term IV
15 weeks
Total Hours
Surgical Technology 60 hours 45 hours 60 hours 60 hours 225
Clinical/Laboratory 60 hours 60 hours 300 hours 300 hours 720
Anatomy & Physiology 30 hours 30 hours 60
Medical Terminology 30 hours 30
Microbiology 30 hours 30
Pharmacology 30 hours 30
Total Term 180 hours 195 hours 360 hours 360 hours 1095

Clinical Case Requirements

The number of cases required for graduation from the St. Luke's Hospital Surgical Technology Program is 120 cases. In addition each student will complete a minimum of 80 clinical days.

As per the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST), Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology 6th Edition, the following will apply:

  • Each student will complete 30 cases in General Surgery
    • Twenty (20) cases in the First Scrub Role
    • Ten (10) cases in the Second Scrub Role
  • Each student will complete ninety (90) cases in a variety of surgical specialties
    • Sixty (60) cases in the First Scrub Role
    • Thirty (30) cases in the Second Scrub Role
      • Ten (10) can be diagnostic laparoscopy cases
      • Five (5) can be vaginal delivery cases
    • Minimum of 5 specialties and Maximum of 15 cases in each specialty.