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Virtual Scheduled Care

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You have to be physically located in PA/NJ at time of scheduling Learn More

Meet with providers at your convenience.

Virtual scheduled care means you can schedule virtual primary care appointments with your primary care provider, video doctor appointments with a specialty provider, and more — all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. And with the webcam option, you can receive the same face-to-face care that you’d get in person.

The perfect time for virtual scheduled care.

Whether you can’t make it in person or you prefer to meet from home, St. Luke’s has a plan: virtual scheduled care. By taking advantage of this option, you can access the healthcare you need from anywhere*. Now, virtual scheduled care can be a communication cornerstone for you and your medical providers.

Check with your Provider


Schedule video doctors appointments when it works for you.


Receive medical treatment from wherever you are.*


Experience quality healthcare without the wait times.

*You have to be physically located in PA/NJ at time of scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Telehealthcare has an array of benefits. Here are several of them:

  • You can see your doctor when you’re sick.
  • You can minimize travel time.
  • You can have more flexible scheduling options.
  • You can practice social distancing.
  • You can get care in a rural area.

If you’re interested in talking to a doctor online, then check with your provider to see if it’s an option for you.

Patients express a high level of satisfaction when using virtual visits. However, a virtual visit is different from an in-person visit–so talk to your doctor to ensure that this type of visit is right for you.

For established adult and pediatric patients, call your office to schedule an online doctor’s appointment. Dozens of departments offer virtual visits — especially for follow-up appointments. If you need a referral, ask your primary care provider.

Taking time to prepare is the best way to ensure a successful appointment. Here are some recommendations for getting ready:

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable place with good lighting.
  2. Write down your comments and questions.
  3. Take your vital signs–if requested by your doctor.
  4. Record your vital signs in the log you use on a regular basis–if requested by your doctor.
  5. Test your appointment technology — including your internet, battery, and camera.
  6. Confirm that you’ve downloaded the St. Luke’s MyChart, MyChart web, or link by SMS.

Like in-person visits, virtual visit lengths may vary. You and your provider will determine a length that fits your needs.

Starting your virtual doctor's appointment is easy with St. Luke’s mobile app:

  • Make sure you can access MyChart.
  • Log in to MyChart approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Click or tap “Check in” to review forms.
  • Click or tap “Join”.

Once you’re checked in, your provider will join you shortly.

We recommend a MyChart account, but it's not required. You can also use the St. Luke’s mobile app or the Amwell link that we send you.

If you need to reschedule or cancel, you can do so through MyChart if the option is available. If it’s not, then please call the office directly and talk to the scheduling desk. Note that you must give a 24-hour notice.

We recommend joining 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Each individual would need their own visit. If two family members have appointments back-to-back, then they can share a device. However, you’ll need to speak with the office and let them know.

Family members are able to attend your visit. To give them access, you’ll either have to invite them once you’ve joined the room or ask your provider to include them on the invite.

Certified medical interpreters are available for your visit as well.

If the prescription is ordered by your provider. Then, it will be electronically sent to your preferred pharmacy.

All scheduled visits are with St. Luke’s physicians.

You’ll see the physician that you schedule with.

Protecting your privacy and maintaining secure medical records are important to us. Here are our key precautionary measures:

  • Your visit’s video technology is HIPAA-compliant and has features that protect your information.
  • The video transmission is fully encrypted and transmitted through the St. Luke’s private network.
  • Your provider won’t record your visit.
  • Your provider will be in a private room.

You can find documentation in your electronic medical chart with your other medical records. 

Documentation of your St. Luke’s virtual visits will live in your electronic medical chart with all your other patient medical records just as if you were in person. You can view this documentation in your MyChart account by accessing the appointment section and selecting the “past” tab. Each visit will have your provider’s notes and a visit summary.

If you have a MyChart account, then start by logging back in and trying to rejoin the visit. If you can’t reconnect, then your provider will contact you by phone.

Virtual doctor visits should not be used during an emergency. If you are experiencing any life-threatening conditions, then call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

You can access St. Luke's Virtual Scheduled Care service only if you are located in PA/NJ at the time of scheduling. If outside of PA/NJ, you can avail of St. Luke's Virtual Urgent Care service throughout the US.

Have questions or technical issues?

Call 1-866-STLUKES (785-8537), option 5.