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Young athlete running down an indoor field

Sports Performance Programs

Get ahead of the competition.

Unlock your athletic potential.

At St. Luke's, we understand that every athlete is different. That's why our sports performance programs are thoughtfully designed to meet your specific needs. With a focus on individual goals and challenges, we offer a personalized approach to help you enhance your athletic abilities and achieve your performance objectives.

PRO Performance Program

The PRO Performance Program, for athletes aged 12-18, develops crucial neuromuscular patterns and athletic skills. It enhances strength, power, and technique through structured training, prioritizing sport-specific skills and injury prevention. Options include 60-minute sessions of speed and movement, in addition to strength sessions.

Athletic trainer assisting a young athlete in a weight training room

Speed Session

Rookie Performance Training

Strength Session

PRO Performance Training

basketball going into an outdoor basketball net

Sports performance testing

Our sports performance testing includes functional body movements and field tests, providing a comprehensive analysis of your athletic performance. It helps identify strengths and areas for improvement in:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Conditioning

This testing is included with our training programs. For standalone testing, contact us at

Personal and small group training

Our comprehensive training program is tailored for individuals or small groups, focusing on maximizing your potential. It features regular functional and sport-specific assessments, nutritional support, and the option to add sport skill training.

To sign up for our training programs, visit

Athletic training assisting an athlete in a gym