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Sports Performance

Helping you deliver your best.

Maximize your potential.

St. Luke's offers a comprehensive approach that reduces injury risk and improves athletic performance. Whether you're a newcomer to sports, or a seasoned athlete wanting to improve your performance, we have the expertise and resources you need. At St. Luke's, we're dedicated to helping you reach—and exceed—your goals.

Sports performance coaching

Our sports performance coaching caters to athletes at all levels, emphasizing safe, enjoyable, and structured development. Tailored to your individual needs, our program enhances athletic skills, ensuring effective progress within a supportive environment.

Explore our sports performance programs for more details on how we can support your athletic development.

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Sports performance programs

We're passionate about helping athletes reach new heights. Our sports performance programs are customized just for you, providing the specialized training and support you need to achieve your greatest athletic potential.

Sports psychology

To help athletes with injuries or performance slumps, we’ve added sports psychologist, Chris Williamson, PhD to our team. He’s worked with athletes across the region, supporting over 60 partner schools and colleges. Chris can teach you how to make gains and improve your confidence.

Baseball player hitting a ball during a baseball game
Athletic trainer assisting a performance dancer

Performing Arts Medicine Institute (PAMI)

PAMI is a multidisciplinary group of providers specializing in the performing arts. Each provider is trained to understand the unique demands of the arts on the body and on the patient as an artist. PAMI's expertise includes:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Figure skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Cheerleading

Sports nutrition

St. Luke's offers expert nutrition consulting and comprehensive educational resources to athletes at every level. These services include team presentations on effective nutrition strategies that can improve athletic performance.


To schedule an individual and group session, call 610-377-7121.

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