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Internship process for Allied Health Student Interns

  • Receive required documents: Obtain all necessary materials from students as described in the Allied Health Student Intern section.
  • Verify attestation: Confirm materials are complete and meet St. Luke's Standards. Sign the attestation on the student's registration form.
  • Submit documents: Combine the student's Registration and HIPAA Education Form and CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Card into a single pdf. Email to the hosting department supervisor. Note: We don’t accept paperwork directly from students. (Updated 10/20/21)
  • Submission deadline: Ensure paperwork is complete and submitted within a 2-week window. Late or incomplete paperwork will be declined.
  • Inquiries: Direct all questions to the St. Luke’s Hosting Department.

Key documents & requirements

Detailed guide on your role in processing student interns. (Updated 10/20/2021)

If any criminal history is found in the FBI Fingerprint Report, Child Abuse Clearance, or PA State Police Criminal Background Check/NJ State Name Check, use the Criminal Background Investigation Report Form.

  • Provide all students with the Immunization History Form.
  • Retain St. Luke's health history requirements at the school.
  • Students must cover costs for additional immunizations and tests.
  • All students need the COVID-19 Vaccine (as of 9/25/21) and the annual flu vaccine. For exemption questions, contact
  • Obtain students' CDC COVID-19 Vaccine card copy.

For reference, here are the drug screening requirements. Within 30 days of the internship start date, screen for the following drugs:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabinoids
  • Opiates (including morphine, codeine, hydromorphone, hydrocodone)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

For assistance in providing drug screening, drug screen services are available through St. Luke’s Occumed Resources located at St. Luke’s North. Contact for further information or to set up an account.

Note: Screening should be done by a lab approved or certified by Health and Human Services. This will be part of a forensic study.

Print the attached form for students who have previously tested positive for TB. Ensure it's stored in the student's medical file along with a clear chest x-ray or a BAMT (Blood Assay Mycobacterium Tuberculosis) test.

We recommend that students completing an internship at St. Luke’s have the Hepatitis B series—though it's not mandatory. If a student opts out of the vaccine, ensure the attached form is completed and stored in their medical history file.

  • Sign and send the registration form and CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Card as a single pdf to your Volunteer Engagement Specialist. If you don’t have their information, forward it to
  • For St. Luke's New Jersey students: Complete all PA State Criminal Clearances and the New Jersey State Police Criminal History Check.

  • Contact the St. Luke’s Hosting Manager for student status questions.
  • Submit all materials at least 2 weeks before the internship start date.
  • Delays may occur due to incomplete materials.