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Complete the below items and return them to your School Program Director at least two weeks before your internship state date to ensure your internship begins on time.

Fill out the entire registration form, review the HIPAA education, and sign the attestation. Only original, printed signatures and dates are accepted.

Complete the following clearances and provide the originals to your School Program Director:

Note: Students at Warren Campus should complete the three PA State clearances and the NJ State Police Name Check. Submit printed copies to your School Program Director.

Review St. Luke's "Student Orientation" and "Essentials Newsletter" for policy details. Then sign and return the following forms:

Ensure compliance with the Immunization History and Drug Screening requirements. This includes the following required items:

  • COVID vaccine requirements (updated 8/30/2021). Supply your School Program Director with all required immunizations and a copy of your CDC COVID Vaccine card.
  • Influenza vaccine requirement. All students are required to have the annual seasonal influenza vaccine.

Note: Students are responsible for costs associated with any additional immunizations or testing, so review all required immunizations (including those above).

Drug screening
Within 30 days of your internship start date, get screened for the following drugs:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabinoids
  • Opiates (including morphine, codeine, hydromorphone, hydrocodone)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

For assistance in providing drug screening, drug screen services are available through St. Luke’s Occumed Resources located at St. Luke’s North. Your School Director will contact for further information or to set up an account.

Note: Screening should be done by a lab approved or certified by Health and Human Services. This will be part of a forensic study.

 Return all completed materials to your School Program Director. Incomplete submissions won't be accepted and can postpone your start date.

Review the final steps before your internship begins.
Before your intended start, you’ll meet with us to align on your academic schedule, goals, objectives—in addition to discussing dress code, and finalizing your start date. On your first day:

  • You'll have a department orientation.
  • Human Resources will issue your photo ID badge. Remember to bring a government-issued photo ID to collect it.

You'll log your hours via the UKG system, as instructed by your hosting department. For questions regarding orientation, reach out to your School Program Director.