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At St. Luke’s, we have taken many safeguards to protect our volunteers, staff, patients and visitors:

  • practicing and monitoring staff for appropriate hand hygiene
  • sanitizing all high touch areas
  • requiring all volunteers and employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Medical exemptions will be reviewed as per our policy.

These safeguards help us feel confident that volunteering is a safe way to help volunteers to help our healthcare heroes! 

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Adult and College students:

Adult and college volunteers provide a tremendous benefit to our patients, staff and visitor! Those interested in exploring various healthcare careers can engage in many invaluable opportunities to learn more!
Complete these two easy steps to submit your volunteer application and we will contact you to schedule an interview.
*Please note: all volunteers and employees are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Medical exemptions will be reviewed as per our policy.

1. Complete the online registration form:

2. Complete the reference forms:

Junior Volunteers (High School Students):

This program allows high school students to learn key soft skills needed for the workplace while learning about healthcare careers. Students (14 and older) are assigned an area of interest and work directly with patients and staff. Our students are a great asset to us as they provide much needed assistance! 
*Please note: all volunteers and employees are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Medical exemptions will be reviewed as per our policy.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Communication: We ask students to communicate directly with our department and complete the application independently. Starting independent communication with the application/inquiry process is great practice for patient and staff interaction. 
    • Hour commitment: Volunteering in a hospital takes a lot of responsibility and training. Volunteers are asked to complete a minimum of 60 hours of service each scheduled session. 
    • Interview Scheduling: Communication will be sent via email – it’s important to check your email (including junk/spam) regularly after you submit your application.
    • Any questions? Please email us any time/any day at JuniorVolunteers@sluhn.org and we will be excited to assist you during our regular business hours, Monday – Friday 8a – 4:30p.

High School and College Students participating in our program benefit by:

  • learn more about Healthcare careers
  • gain a better understanding of the college/technical program application process
  • accumulate hours for future clinical programs
  • learn valuable skills to help you be successful in a professional environment

Contact Us!

If you have any questions about the volunteer application process, please email us at volunteers@sluhn.org or call 484-526-4600.

Current Volunteers

Log into the Volunteer Portal to check your schedule, request time off or update your personal information!

Special College Programs

Interested in a career as a Physician or Physician Assistant? Learn more by participating in one of our competitive programs!

Available Volunteer Opportunities!

Click Here for a more detailed list of all current Student (College and Junior) Volunteer Openings!

Below is a detailed list of our exciting and engaging volunteer opportunities at our Hospitals and Home Health and Hospice locations!  

Department Description Availability Locations
Gift Shop Gift Shop Volunteers provide a welcoming environment for customers in the gift shop, use the cash register and restock merchandise. All proceeds support various special St. Luke's programs, as selected by the St. Luke's Auxiliary! Monday through Friday 9 - 1; 1 - 4 or 4 - 7* Saturday & Sunday hours vary All hospital Campuses (*4-7 Bethlehem only)
Volunteer Escort Service Volunteer Escorts provide a well needed service to St. Luke's by discharging patients, transporting various different items (supplies, specimens, mail, etc) to many different locations within the hospital along with many other assistive requests. Monday through Friday 8 - 12, 12 - 4 *Saturday and Sunday 8 - 12, 12 - 4 or 4 - 7 Bethlehem* and Quakertown
Patient Advocate Patient Advocate volunteers help make a difference in our patients day by spending time socializing and providing them with non-clinical comfort items (i.e. pillows, blankets, fresh water, etc). Patient Advocate volunteers work also assist our nursing staff with various supportive duties, such as discharging patients and delivering supplies and other well needed items throughout the hospital. Monday through Friday 8 - 12; 12 - 4 All hospital Campuses
Emergency Department Volunteers in our Emergency Department spend time socializing and providing patients with non-clinical comfort items as well as assist our staff with various non-clinical duties, such as discharging patients, delivering supplies and other items throughout the hospital. The Emergency Department is a very fast paced area! Monday through Sunday 8 - 12; 12 - 4 or 4 - 7* All hospital Campuses (*college and adults only, please)
One Day Surgery/Procedure Centers Volunteers assist staff in the One Day Surgery or GI Lab area by discharging patients in the and make tea and toast for their patients, restock supplies and put together chart/OR packets. Monday through Friday 8 - 12; 12 - 4 or 4 - 7* All hospital Campuses (*4-7 Bethlehem only)
Cancer Center Volunteers in the Cancer Center provide meaningful support to those receiving infusion by socializing and offering refreshments, discharge patients, run errands and assist staff with various supportive duties. Monday through Saturday 10 - 2 Allentown, Anderson, Bethlehem and Warren
Healing Arts Volunteer Volunteers assist infusion center patients with various arts and crafts while receiving infusion.  Monday through Friday 8 - 12; 12 - 4  Allentown, Bethlehem, Monroe, Quakertown and Warren
Home-Based Hospice  Hospice volunteers provide companionship to people living with a terminal illness and help their family caregivers in a variety of ways. Our volunteers help with office work, fundraising, community outreach and other operational areas.  Monday through Sunday, flexible Lehigh, Northampton, Upper Bucks, Montgomery, Berks, Schuylkill, Monroe, and Carbon counties
Hospice Inpatient Unit  Volunteers at the Inpatient Unit provide much needed services to hospice patients, visitors, and staff at the St. Luke’s Brian D. Perin Hospice House. Volunteers can assist with a variety of tasks including patient companionship, various clerical duties, greeting visitors, and assistance to the staff.   Monday through Sunday, times vary St. Luke’s Hospice House in Bethlehem
Patient Information Center Volunteers at our Information center provide a welcoming environment by greeting patients and visitors and providing patient information. Computer skills needed. Monday through Sunday 9 - 1 or 1 - 4 Bethlehem and Warren *Adults only
Lobby Greeter Our Lobby Greeters provide a valuable service for our patients and their loved ones to ensure they are able to find the location within our Wind Gap location while also assisting with various supportive duties. Monday through Sunday 9 - 1 or 1 - 4 or 4 - 7* All hospital campuses, *St. Luke's Broadheadsville, North, West End and Wind Gap
MRI Center Welcome patients to the MRI Center and assist, as needed with completing paperwork. Fridays 4 - 7 Saturdays and Sundays 8 - 12 or 12 - 4 Bethlehem and Warren
Outpatient Adult and Pediatric Rehab Sites Volunteers assigned to the Outpatient Rehab sites have the opportunity to not only assist patients various activities, and and staff with a various supportive duties, they also have the opportunity to learn more about the Rehab field and gain valuable observational hours! Monday through Friday 9 - 1 or 3 - 6* times may vary based on the site's hours of operation All outpatient rehab sites
Acute Rehab Center (ARC) Volunteers in the ARC provide valuable assistance to therapy staff with room preparation for patient treatments, monitors and stocks supplies and assists with various clerical duties, transports patients in wheelchairs to therapy and assists with patient social activities. Monday through Friday 8 - 12 or 12 - 4 Bethlehem Campus

Contact Us!

If you have any questions about the volunteer application process, please email us at volunteers@sluhn.org or call 484-526-4600.

Your Service, Your Talents … Valued. Your Help … Needed.


Volunteering at St. Luke’s University Health Network is more than just providing service; it is making a difference in the day of our patients, staff and visitors! People often ask:

Why Volunteer?

  • Your personal strengths make a difference to others!
  • Your time helps others in need.
  • Your skills enhance our quality.
  • Your involvement introduces you to new people.
  • Your participation is needed!

How do volunteers benefit?

  • Obtain a discounted gym membership in our Health & Fitness Centers!
  • Receive recognition at an annual luncheon!
  • Obtain discounts with Homestar Pharmacy’s over the counter products and durable medical equipment!
  • Attend various educational programs with St. Luke’s University Health Network


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