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Access Your Records Online

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MyChart is your secure electronic medical record and your access to request Covid Vaccine documentation. You can request a copy of your medical record that will contain the Covid Vaccine documentation. Using the blue messaging envelope option within your MyChart choose the Medical Records Request option. After your message is received the requested info will be send to you via the MyChart portal. Click here to access St. Luke's MyChart »

Your Medical Record… Delivered!

Your Doctor Gets Your Images After Your Test/Study

Your medical records are delivered to physicians who practice at St. Luke’s through a secure website accessed only by medical personnel so that you never have to worry about picking up your own radiology images or “films.”

Instead, your doctor gets high-quality digital images on a computer screen in the privacy of the office. And, with the assistance of fellowship-trained radiologists, your doctor can tell you what the results mean for your health.

There may be times when your doctor asks that you bring your records and images to your next appointment. We can deliver this information directly to your physician prior to your appointment if you contact us in advance.

Requesting Your Record

Before you begin, please read our Frequently Asked Questions for Medical Records

To make it easy for you, you can download and print our Medical Information Release form or obtain a form from any patient care unit at a St. Luke’s University Health Network facility.

You can request records from St. Luke’s Medical Records Department:

Contact Information

St. Luke’s Medical Records
484-526-4719 (Monday through Friday: 8 am - 4:30 pm)
833-932-1185 (fax)


We will send your records back to you upon receipt of the signed record request form.

For requests other than patient care, you will receive a bill from an independent third-party vendor. St. Luke’s charges only the state regulated charge for copies of your medical record.

Processing Time

The Medical Records department will work with you and your doctor to get your records where they need to be for your individual situation.

Authorization Signature for Your Records Release

By law, the following authorized people are able to sign for the release of your health information:

  • Yourself (not your spouse)
  • A parent (for patients younger than 18 years of age)
  • A minor who has a child or who is aged 12 – 17 and is under the care of a psychiatrist and/or in drug/alcohol treatment
  • Legal guardian (guardianship documentation is required)
  • Power of attorney if patient is unable to sign (legal documentation is required)
  • Estate representative for a deceased patient (estate documentation is required)