Graduate Medical Education


Integrated Interventional Radiology/Diagnostic Radiology Residency

Our 3+2 DR/IR integrated training program is based out of St. Luke’s Anderson Campus for most of the DR training, St. Luke's Bethlehem Campus for most of the IR training, the St. Luke's Regional Breast Center for Mammography and the St. Luke's Upper Bucks Campus for the cardiothoracic rotation.

St. Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus
St. Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus

St. Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus
1872 St. Luke’s Boulevard 
Easton, PA

St Luke’s Hospital - Anderson Campus is an expanding teaching hospital selected as the primary site for this residency because of its:

  • Diverse and growing patient population
  • Up-to-date facilities
  • Location offering access to care for an underserved community
  • Motivated and skilled faculty
  • Educational program built around the needs of the residents and the patient community it serves

Dedicated Space for Education & Research: 23,000 square feet including the 3,600-square-feet Office of Medical Education, for residency program directors and coordinators and shared workspace for residents and faculty.

Interdisciplinary Design: The design promotes collaboration between residency programs, fostering a dynamic, high-quality educational experience.

Additional Education Facilities: Full simulation center, skills lab and standardized patient rooms.

Resident Facilities: 14 on-call rooms with shower facilities, lockers, beds, TVs and workstations. 24/7 access to a full-service café and a quiet study area.

Conference Space: Two 32-seat lecture rooms and five 12-seat conference rooms with video conferencing technology, plus a 150-seat auditorium.

Radiology Exposure: Radiology residents have access to a high volume of cases with a wide variety of pathologies.

Interdisciplinary Training: Residents train alongside peers in eight other residencies, providing a broad-based learning experience.

Supportive Faculty: Faculty are staffed to provide 24/7 supervision and availability for the residents.



St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem Campus
St. Luke’s University Hospital – Bethlehem

Bethlehem Campus
801 Ostrum Street
Bethlehem, PA

St Luke’s University Hospital - Bethlehem is a comprehensive teaching hospital, selected as the primary site for this residency because of its diverse patient population, its location that provides access to care for an underserved community, as well as the motivated and skilled faculty. St. Luke's Bethlehem Campus, a Level 1 Trauma Center serves as the Network's tertiary transfer and referral center for patients from hospitals requiring a higher level of care. Radiology residents spend most of their time in Interventional Radiology at this campus during their last two years of training. The Interventional Radiology division at this campus houses three angiography suites including a bi-plane system room and a high-quality cone beam CT capable angiography system. There is also one CT room dedicated for image guided drainages and biopsies as well as a hybrid OR where we perform highly complex procedures in collaboration with our surgical colleagues. Residents will be exposed to mostly complex interventional cases during this rotation.


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