Bowel Incontinence-SNS

Digestive Conditions

Bowel incontinence prevents individuals from participating in preferred activities, causes social isolation and even leads to loss of employment. It is believed to be the leading cause of nursing home admission, especially for women. St. Luke’s Digestive Disease and Liver Center offers many treatments that help people regain control.

Treatment options range from diet modification and exercise to advanced surgical techniques, such as sacral nerve stimulation. At St. Luke’s, specialists begin by reviewing the patient’s medical history, conducting a thorough physical examination and ordering tests that evaluate the bowel, rectum and supporting muscles. Based on the results, they design a treatment plan to meet the patient’s specific needs.

The National Institute of Health estimates that one in 12 adults in the United States, or 18 million people, have fecal incontinence. Although more common as we age, people of any age can have this problem, which is slightly more common for women.

But fortunately, St. Luke's Digestive Disease and Liver Center can help. Among the treatments available is Sacral Nerve Stimulation. Learn how the treatment helped Debra and Susan.