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St. Luke’s and Homemade Fitness Team Up to Provide Sports Performance Training in Poconos
December 03, 2020

Aaron Borroughs is an imposing figure. At 6-foot-7, the former basketball center at De Sales University commands immediate respect just by entering a room.

As a sports performance trainer and owner of Homemade Fitness, he has earned equal respect, especially after serving the Pocono Mountain School District the past few years.

St. Luke’s University Health Network is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with Borroughs that will allow a continuity of sports conditioning and fitness care for athletes and teams at Pocono Mountain East High School.

“My experience dealing with the two high schools, and the number of athletes and teams they encompass has helped me to develop as a professional, and I am so thrilled to be able to continue my work with the student-athletes and teams at Pocono Mountain East High School,” Borroughs said.

“St. Luke’s Sports Medicine is excited to begin a business affiliation with Aaron Borroughs of Home Made Fitness LLC to provide sports performance services to Pocono Mountain East High School,” said Greg Leh, Senior Director, Business Development and Sports Performance for St. Luke’s.

“I have worked with Aaron previously when he provided sports performance training services to the Pocono Mountain School District, and because it was a positive experience and he did a great job, we decided to work together again! The Administration, sports teams, athletes and coaches are all pleased he is returning to train with PMSD East. We look forward to a mutual positive experience with this opportunity.”

Borroughs has been working with the Pocono Mountain East student-athletes and teams during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing safe, socially distanced workouts via an online program called Setmore, which is like Zoom or Google Meet. He records visual demonstrations of exercises, and then ascribes a variety of repetitions and sets for the student-athletes to perform on their own. The Pocono Mountain East coaches were thrilled that the student-athletes were able to receive such precise, individual sports performance instruction.

A three-year varsity basketball player and graduate of De Sales University, Borroughs earned his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and added Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Functional Movement Specialist certifications, working for an area health organization before founding Homemade Fitness, his own sports performance business.

He explained that the sports performance training, along with the functional movement certification, have helped him develop a keen eye for the way athletes move and an ability to detect areas of weakness or problems with flexibility that can be addressed through proper exercise drills and training.

“I can create and dissect the programs to address what athletes can’t do so that they can progress and improve their performance and achieve their goals. We want them to get bigger, stronger, faster through a holistic approach that I highly value.”

When St. Luke’s reached out to Borroughs to form the partnership, he was thrilled to be back working with the athletes at Pocono Mountain East High School.

“My eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning,” he said.