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Orthopedic Surgeons Bring New Specialty Care Expertise to Patients in Quakertown Region
October 24, 2018

Two orthopedic surgeons have joined St. Luke’s University Health Network to provide specialty care for patients in the Quakertown region. Scott Doroshow, DO and James Lachman, MD are now part of St. Luke’s Orthopedic Care at St. Luke’s Quakertown Campus.


Dr. Doroshow, a native of the Philadelphia suburbs, is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in surgery of the shoulder and knee. Consistent with the Network’s philosophy of treating injuries in a minimally invasive manner whenever possible, Dr. Doroshow is passionate about knee and shoulder preservation, typically utilizing arthroscopic surgery. “I have a particular passion for cartilage restoration, meniscus transplantation and ligament reconstruction about the knee. In the shoulder, preserving the native joint is always my goal,” explains Dr. Doroshow.

Dr. Doroshow’s patients include high school and college athletes, recreationally active sports enthusiasts and middle-aged individuals suffering from everyday wear and tear on their knees and shoulders. Whether someone needs to get back on the field or back to enjoying their daily routine, Dr. Doroshow is committed to educating his patients. Treating patients with a conservative approach, the utilization of bracing, injections and physical therapy are all treatment options prior to a surgery. “Having been a patient myself I appreciate how much consideration goes into these decisions. I make sure patients fully understand the nature of their problem, the treatment options and possible risks involved with their decision,” says Dr. Doroshow.

Dr. Doroshow, a Penn State alumnus, graduated from and completed his residency at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his fellowship in orthopedic sports surgery at the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN)/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). He is specially trained to evaluate and treat the following conditions:

• Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries

• Meniscus injuries

• Articular cartilage injuries

• Medial collateral ligament tear (MCL)

• Lateral collateral ligament tear (LCL)

• Patellar (knee cap) dislocation/instability

• Patellar maltracking

• Patellar malalignment

• Patellar tendinitis

• Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries

• Knee arthritis

• Knee sprain

• Rotator cuff tears

• Labrum tears

• Shoulder dislocation

• Bursitis

• Fractured or broken clavicle (collarbone)

• Frozen shoulder

• Shoulder arthritis

• Shoulder fracture

• Shoulder tendinopathy

• Shoulder replacement, including reverse total shoulder

Dr. Doroshow is seeing patients at St. Luke’s Quakertown Bone & Joint Institute and the Upper Perkiomen Outpatient Center in Pennsburg.


James Lachman, MD enjoys the challenge of helping patients with complex foot and ankle problems. He believes successful outcomes rely on establishing a physician-patient relationship, which he fosters by taking time to listen and understand the concerns of his patients and setting appropriate expectations through patient education. With 28 bones in the foot and ankle, it doesn’t take much for a complicated problem to arise. Dr. Lachman regularly evaluates and offers personalized treatment programs for a variety of patients ranging from the high school football player with a twisted ankle, to the weekend warrior suffering with heel pain, to the older individual with nagging pain in the foot.

Dr. Lachman’s minimally invasive approach often includes: activity modification (avoiding activities that cause pain or discomfort); orthotics, shoe wear modifications and bracing to immobilize the affected joint, diagnostic and therapeutic steroid injections. Surgical advancements over the last 40 years have resulted in the minimally invasive foot and ankle procedures available today. “Minimally invasive surgeries utilizing poke-hole incisions provide many benefits to patients including an accelerated recovery time, minimized pain, less scarring and the surgical risk is typically lower,” explains Dr. Lachman. “With less down-time, more people can take advantage of these cost-effective, advanced treatments and get back to their everyday lives quickly.”

Dr. Lachman graduated from Temple University School of Medicine, completed his residency at Temple University Hospital and completed is fellowship in orthopedic foot and ankle surgery at Duke University Hospital. He is specialty- trained to evaluate and treat the following:

• Minimally invasive surgery of the foot and ankle

• Ankle replacement and fusion

• Revision ankle replacement

• Achilles tendon disorders

• Posterior tibial tendon disorders

• Ankle arthroscopy

• Avascular necrosis of the talus

• Arthritis and deformity treatment of the foot and ankle

• Bunion surgery

• Flatfoot correction

• Foot and ankle fracture treatment

• Hammertoe treatment

• Foot and ankle ligament repair

• Charcot reconstruction

• Sports injuries of the foot and ankle

Dr. Lachman developed a passion for ankle replacement surgery while completing his Fellowship at Duke University Hospital.

Duke is a pioneer in ankle replacement surgery and more ankle replacement surgeries have been performed there than anywhere else in the country. Dr. Lachman looks forward to sharing his unique expertise with the patients in and around Bucks and Montgomery counties. He sees patients at St. Luke’s Quakertown Bone & Joint Institute.

“The addition of Dr. Lachman and Dr. Doroshow to St. Luke’s Orthopedic Care allows us to provide access to specialty care for our patients. Whether that care is through activity modification, physical therapy or surgery, patients will achieve pain relief and the ability to return to functioning in their daily lives,” says William G. DeLong, Jr., MD, chief of Orthopedics, St. Luke’s University Health Network.

In addition to their daily practices, both specialists can be found outside the office as well. Whether it is on the sidelines working with St. Luke’s athletic trainers at a Quakertown or Upper Perkiomen High School football game, leading a “Walk with Your Doc” neighborhood event or presenting a health care talk for area residents, Dr. Lachman and Dr. Doroshow are quickly becoming familiar faces in the community.

Dr. Doroshow affirms his decision to work at St. Luke’s. Having grown up in the Philly suburbs, I always thought Bucks and Montgomery counties, along with the Lehigh Valley, would be a good fit for me. St. Luke’s University Health Network shares my mindset: taking care of the patient is always the priority.”

New patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Doroshow and Dr. Lachman by contacting St. Luke’s Orthopedic Care at 484-526-1735.