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Jazmin’s Story

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She looks 15 years younger. No bags, just big blue eyes and a friendly smile.

Jazmin Rivera was feeling young—as always, but she felt like she looked “old”. Under her big blue eyes were unsightly bags–no wrinkles on her face, just under eye bags.

“My patients told me I looked tired all the time,” says the 48-year-old nurse at St. Luke’s.

But today, she says, “I look amazing!”. Last year Jazmin went to Plastic Surgeon Michael Morrissey, MD, for a cosmetic procedure called “blepharoplasty.” During a short, same-day surgery, he removed the fatty, half-moon-shaped deposits under her eyes and tightened the skin to smooth it out. And now, no more bags! “He made me look 15 years younger,” says Jazmin.

But why Dr. Morrissey? “I had taken care of some of Dr. Morrisey’s patients and admired his bedside manner and attention to detail.” Jazmin is thrilled that she looks as good as she feels, much younger than her age, she adds. She loves her body even more and wants people to know this: “We have a great plastic surgery program here at St. Luke’s.”

One look at her youthful face, and you’ll agree with her. The bags are gone, but that friendly smile remains, and with good reason.

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