Occupational Medicine

OSHA Compliance Programs

OSHA compliance programs

St. Luke’s Occupational Medicine offers its clients OSHA compliant written programs as well as onsite employee training in the following areas:

  • Blood borne pathogens. This training prepares employees to understand the routes of exposure and the hazards associated with diseases transmitted by blood and body fluids. Training includes exposure prevention, personal protective equipment (PPE), cleanup and disposal methods and post-exposure medical evaluation and monitoring.
  • Confined spaces. This training prepares employees to understand and comply with the requirements of OSHA standards regarding air sampling, entry permits and protective equipment.
  • Respiratory protection. This course prepares employees to understand the need for respiratory protection on the job as well as proper type and fit, respirator cleaning and storage and fit testing.
  • Hearing conservation program. Includes onsite noise level analysis, audiometric testing and hearing protection education. This training is conducted by CAOHC-certified occupational health professionals.