Occupational Medicine

Other Injury Prevention Services

On-Site Injury Prevention Programs

Computer Workstation, Office Environment Assessments
Includes virtual or in-person assessment of workstation and office ergonomic hazards, solutions, education, and preventative activities.

Back Pain Prevention & Ergonomic Education
This program addresses common safety hazards in the workplace and provides instruction on physical conditioning for the prevention of injuries. It includes instruction on ergonomic techniques for lifting and supervisor training in ongoing safety awareness and proper management of any injuries that do occur.

Stretch and Flex
This service customized stretch and flex protocols that are specific to the job functions of your employees. You will receive in-person training, educational materials, and a start-up guide to assure the success and longevity of your stretch and flex program.

Functional Job Description Development
This program entails onsite evaluation of job function as it relates to the physical requirements of performing the job. The goals are to facilitate accurate placement of restricted duty employees, reduce the potential for injury or re-injury and assist in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Safety Programs
Safety programs including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), standard first aid, safety training, and proactive safety audits.