Occupational Medicine

Injury Care

Injury care

Although keeping your employees safe on the job your top priority as an employer, injuries do occur. And when they do, St. Luke’s Occupational Medicine is here to help. Our team of caring professionals can provide immediate treatment and follow-up care according to pre-established quality and cost control standards. Our workers’ compensation case management resources create a closed loop of control for employers - from onset of injury or illness to discharge.

Program features include:

  • Prompt delivery of appropriate injury or illness treatment at more than 20 convenient locations
  • A medical network of occupational health professionals at your service to assist with the development of your workers’ compensation provider panel and injury care with attention to workers’ compensation and OSHA requirements and exposure
  • Referrals to specialists with continued monitoring and coordination of care
  • A dedicated nurse Case Manager
  • Coordination of rehabilitation, transitional work assignments and/or work site modifications
  • Ongoing communication between the injured employee, the employer, the insurer and our healthcare professionals to facilitate a prompt return to work and action plans for case closure
  • Computerized trending and accident analysis to facilitate development of injury prevention and safety programs