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Nursing Opportunities

Acute Care Nurse Internship

Acute Care Nursing

St Luke’s University Health Network acute care nurses practice in a premier environment of transformational leadership facilitated by our mission to be recognized as expert providers of innovative, personalized and maximally safe patient care. St Luke’s fosters an environment of partnership with other members of the health care team, while also placing high importance on developing nurses’ leadership skills and celebrating the successes of our nursing team.

Why Choose Us

  • Acute Care Nurses provide advanced nursing care for patients with acute conditions and a wide variety of complexities.
  • There are a variety of specialties available in our network for acute care nursing to expand your skill set and strengthen your knowledge with specific patient populations and disease processes.
    • Oncology
    • Neuroscience
    • Renal
    • Trauma
    • Orthopedics
    • Acute Rehab
    • Cardiac
    • Short Stay
    • Medical-Surgical
  • In an acute care setting, relationships are highly valued, and nurses build trusting bonds with their patients. It is a non-competitive environment and nurses are part of the multi-disciplinary care team.
  • When caring for a patient in an acute care environment, there are advanced treatments, invasive diagnostic procedures, and advanced technology.
  • Nurses in the acute care setting are certified in basic cardiac life support (BLS), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and a variety of other specialty certifications.
  • Ideal for individuals that have a passion for:
    • Helping and teaching others while providing service to patients.
    • Teaching patients: with any specialty patient population, the nurse has an integral part of educating the patient to various aspect of their care: medications, coping/living with a certain condition or disease process, etc.
    • Searching for facts, critically thinking, and solving problems.
    • Fewer routines, more variance throughout the day.

Internship FAQs

  • The length of the internship program is competency-based and is tailored to each individual adult learner. The education and leadership team works with each intern to determine a personalized plan.
  • Bridge the gap from preparation to practice
  • Support transitioning from specialty novice to advanced specialty nurse
  • Focus on conflict management, promote leadership, team building, and offer a safe environment for reflections of practice and team discussions
  • Utilizes collaboration with other internships for knowledge growth and network team building
  • Workshops, hands on practice, and shadow experiences available
  • Skill validation throughout internship

Clinical Educators & Leadership

Amanda Wilbur MSN, RN

Amanda Wilbur MSN, RN
Network Specialty Internship Coordinator

Application Process

  • Complete an application by hitting the Apply Now
  • Search for specific Acute Care Nursing
  • The interview process may include a Panel Interview & Shadow Experience