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Nursing Internships

Influence the world around you.

Male nurse holding stethoscope

Grow through evidence-based simulation, challenge & guidance.

Our nurses are on the front lines of St. Luke’s health care delivery teams and truly are the foundation of our Network. St. Luke’s is committed to providing an environment where nurses can grow their careers both professionally and personally.

Why choose us

The St. Luke’s Nurse Internship program prepares newly graduated nursing students to excel in their respective fields through education, experience and empowerment. Nurse interns at St. Luke’s develop the clinical competence and personal confidence required to bring positive patient outcomes with every encounter.

Our world-class medical institution creates the ideal environment for clinical training and professional advancement. Our programs vary in length. All specialties consist of monthly didactic experiences with extensive simulation and expert instruction. Programs also consist of individual mentoring provided by a nurse preceptor. Students will conclude their program with an evidence-based research project.

As an intern at SLUHN you will be exposed to a variety of patients and cases. As you progress through the program, you will:

  • Care for patients with increasing levels of acuity and complexity
  • Improve patient safety and quality of care
  • Bring evidence-based practice to the bedside
  • Develop clinical nursing leadership and decision-making skills
  • Strengthen the commitment to professional nursing while developing individual career goals
  • Learn productive stress management skills as you transition from novice to more experienced practitioner

St. Luke’s University Health Network nurses practice in a premier environment of transformational leadership facilitated by our mission to be recognized as expert providers of innovative, personalized and maximally-safe patient care. St. Luke’s fosters an environment of partnership with other members of the health care team, while also placing high importance on developing nurses’ leadership skills and celebrating the successes of our nursing team.