Graduate Medical Education

Medical Student Electives

Radiology Residency

Diagnostic Radiology Elective

Course Director

Andrew M. Shurman, MD
Division of Neuroradiology


Missi Keeler
Phone: (484) 526 - 4875


Welcome to the Diagnostic Radiology Elective course - a thrilling four-week journey into the exciting world of radiology. This program is tailored to immerse you deeply into the field of diagnostic imaging, offering a unique blend of didactic sessions, shadowing experiences and practical exposure.

Our course kicks off with interactive didactic sessions led by our dedicated and passionate radiologists. These sessions offer you an excellent opportunity to grasp the fundamentals of radiology and build a solid base of knowledge. The atmosphere is always open and inviting, encouraging you to ask questions and dig deeper into the concepts to foster a profound understanding of radiology.

Every day of this course will bring a variety of engaging activities, keeping you consistently involved in your learning journey. These activities are thoughtfully structured to cover the full spectrum of radiology and provide you a comprehensive insight into the practice.

The program is enriched with opportunities to shadow our sub-speciality radiologists. This firsthand exposure will allow you to observe a range of different styles and methods in practice, helping you discover your own passion for radiology. Moreover, you will also gain direct experience by shadowing our technologists as they conduct CT and Ultrasound scans on patients.

Alongside your regular schedule, a parallel curriculum will guide you to learn about the appropriateness of radiologic exams in various clinical scenarios. This important aspect of radiology practice will allow you to make the right decisions about imaging procedures in your future clinical practice.

As you approach the end of your rotation, you will be given an opportunity to showcase your learning journey. This will involve presenting a topic of your choice, enabling you to explore an area of radiology that interests you the most.

This elective often ignites students' interest in specific areas of radiology, inspiring many to embark on research projects. These projects can be carried forward even after the rotation, opening doors to a deeper involvement in radiology.

Embark on this engaging, enriching journey with us and unravel the fascinating world of radiology!


Interventional Radiology Elective

Course Director

Steven Han, MD
IR Residency Core Faculty
Division of Interventional Radiology


Missi Keeler
Phone: (484) 526 - 4875


Welcome to the Medical Student IR Elective at St. Luke’s! If you are a medical student eager to dive into the thrilling world of minimally invasive procedures, you have come to the right place. Our elective offers a comprehensive and engaging experience that will leave you feeling inspired and well-prepared for your future in IR.

During your time with us, you will be fully immersed in the dynamic and fast-paced environment of IR. You will have the unique opportunity to participate in every stage of patient care, from pre-procedure workups to scrubbing in on procedures and handling post-procedure follow-ups. While the majority of your experience will be in an inpatient setting, rest assured that you will have a well-rounded exposure to the field.

Your days will typically run from 8 am to 5 pm, with no on-call responsibilities or weekends. Our robust department performs the entire spectrum of IR procedures, including peripheral vascular interventions, tumor embolization, tumor ablation, venous interventions, PE thrombectomy, UFE, PAE and thoracic duct embolization, just to name a few.

To culminate your rotation, you will have the chance to present an intriguing case and topic to the faculty, showcasing your knowledge and passion for IR. Additionally, motivated students will have the opportunity to pick up research projects which can be continued after the elective.

Join us for a transformative experience that will ignite your passion for IR and set you on the path to excellence in this cutting-edge specialty.

Visiting Students

Visiting medical students who are interested in the IR elective are encouraged to apply through VSLO at

We are currently not accepting visiting student applications for the DR elective.