Graduate Medical Education


Radiology Residency

The daily conference schedule has been designed by our subspecialty core faculty to align with the goals and objectives for each of the eight recognized practice domains in radiology. In addition, there will be dedicated lecture series in the business of radiology, informatics, MR safety, physics, research and wellness. Residents will also be expected to participate in monthly journal clubs and interesting case conferences throughout the year. Daily departmental radiology conferences will be scheduled at 4 pm. Residents will be encouraged to attend supplemental interdepartmental or multidisciplinary conferences during their rotations to reinforce many of the teaching concepts and underscore the consultative role that radiologists play to various clinical specialties. This includes lung tumor board, breast tumor board, Gyn/Onc conference, neuro-oncology working group, ENT conference, rectal cancer tumor board, PICU/NICU rounds, peds GI rounds and epilepsy conference. These conferences take place throughout the week and residents will be given protected time to attend.

Core faculty are encouraged to incorporate the subspecialty society recommended national lectures into their educational curriculum. Combining the national educational content with our regional cased based lectures, journal clubs, multidisciplinary conferences, workshops, 3D Simulation labs will allow us to deliver a unique educational experience to our residents - one that is on par with nationally renowned health care centers across the country. Our goal is to provide an ‘active’ learning environment with hands on training to maximize teaching opportunities between our faculty and residents.

Lecture Schedule

2023-2024 Lecture Schedule

Interdisciplinary Conferences

Lung Tumor Board
Neuro Oncology
Rectal Cancer
Breast Tumor Board
NICU Rounds
PICU Rounds
Head and Neck
Peds GI Rounds