StLukes ExecuHealth


Are you a busy executive? A VIP? Someone who never has enough hours in the day? St. Luke’s ExecuHealth is a health and wellness program tailored and customized for YOU.

Your lifestyle affects your health – busy people who are always on the go, who are burdened with responsibility and who are subject to stress are often more susceptible to chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes as well as burnout and exhaustion. Are you sleeping enough? Exercising enough? Eating well? All of these factors are inter-related. If your health breaks down, your family, your business, your entire future can be at risk.

St. Luke’s ExecuHealth begins with a focused, evidence-based and comprehensive assessment of your overall health. You can expect to:

  • Complete a questionnaire in advance of your St. Luke’s ExecuHealth visit
  • Undergo a physical exam and necessary studies/screenings
  • Consult with our fitness and nutrition experts
  • Participate in a same-day wellness review with your personal St. Luke’s ExecuHealth care team

All this is uniquely designed with your busy and fast-paced life in mind.

Award-winning Care