Patient Testimonials

 St. Luke's ExecuHealth will work with you to provide the best possible care you deserve.

“As a busy anesthesiologist at St. Luke’s, the one-day, comprehensive, head-to-toe ExecuHealth program was appealing. I completed my ExecuHealth physical last March with a team of stellar doctors, as well as an ultrasound technician, dietician and trainer. During my exam, a spot was found on my lung requiring further testing. This spot turned out to be a reoccurrence of a rare lung cancer I had 21 years prior. Had I not attended ExecuHealth, it would not have been found. I proceeded my care at St. Luke’s which included a lung surgery and a successful recovery. I’ve been fortunate to continue my treatment locally with a team I know to be among the best in the business.
I encourage anyone I know to prioritize their health and pursue the Execuhealth program. It’s money well spent for a first-class experience.”

– Serena Jung, M.D

Anesthesiologist at St. Luke's University Health Network

Serena Jung, M.D.

“ExecuHealth gave me the motivation I needed to make changes and improve my health,” he says. “It’s not easy to avoid overeating, especially when I need to have dinner with friends and such, with all the social events for business. My business life is so socially focused, it is a challenge.”

– Tony Iannelli

President and CEO of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

Tony Iannelli

“I'm thankful that St. Luke's provides this type of comprehensive health assessment with a team of specialists all in one day, with same day results and a plan of action outlined. I have definitely been the beneficiary of this creative healthcare initiative and commend SLUHN for providing this customized opportunity.”

– Jeffrey Stauffer

President of Stauffer Glove and Safety

Jeffrey Stauffer

“I think it’s well done and comprehensive. Anyone who wants all of these tests done, all in one place, all in one day with the best people in their fields has no reason not to do it.” Click here to watch Bruce’s full story.

– Bruce Palmer, CPA

Buckno, Lisicky & Company, Certifed Public Accountants and Business Consultants

Bruce Palmer

“St. Luke's ExecuHealth really hits it out of the park. I couldn't be more impressed with the care I received and the customer service. I recommend St. Luke's ExecuHealth to anyone who wants an in-depth complete picture of their health from some of the best experts in their fields.”

– Steve Carlton

Former Philadelphia Phillies' Hall of Fame Pitcher

Steve Carlton