St. Luke's ExecuHealth will work with you to provide the best possible care you deserve.

Where does the assessment take place?

All St. Luke’s ExecuHealth services are provided at our private offices on the St. Luke’s Anderson Campus, conveniently located near the Rt. 33 and I-78 junction.

How long does the assessment take?

All components of our comprehensive assessment are efficiently provided at one location and in one work day. You should allow approximately eight hours for the entire process.

Are there any forms that I need to complete?

Your dedicated Care Manager will provide a comprehensive questionnaire that help our team tailor the assessment to you. You should submit these documents to your Care Manager via fax (484-503-0901) in advance of the assessment for the most efficient experience possible.

When will I receive my results?

Your St. Luke’s ExecuHealth Care Team, including Lead Physician, Cardiologist and Radiologist will review all results and recommendations with you at the conclusion of the day during a one-hour wellness review session. In some infrequent circumstances, a test may require processing that cannot be completed in one day. In this instance, the appropriate St. Luke’s ExecuHealth physician would schedule a follow-up call to discuss the result(s) once available.

I already have a physician, does he or she perform this assessment?

The assessment is performed by St. Luke’s ExecuHealth Care Team. However, you are encouraged to share the report and any recommendations with your physician. Upon request, St. Luke’s is happy to send your physician a copy of the report.

Who pays for the St. Luke’s ExecuHealth assessment?

There are two primary options to pay for the assessment. St. Luke’s can invoice your employer or you can pay via a credit card on the day of service.

Is this service offered directly to individuals or only through organizations/companies?

Organizations are encouraged to consider this investment for their executives and employees as a means to proactively understand and maintain their health. St. Luke’s ExecuHealth welcomes the opportunity to serve one or several of your executives. Executives, business owners or other individuals whose organizations do not intend to pay for this service are welcome and can personally pay for the assessment.

Who has access to my St. Luke’s ExecuHealth medical records?

Your medical information is strictly confidential and St. Luke’s complies with all related regulatory requirements which protect your personal and medical information. Your medical record from the St. Luke’s ExecuHealth assessment will reside in St. Luke’s electronic medical record system. If you visit other St. Luke’s physicians, they will have the ability to see your medical information associated with this assessment. St. Luke’s will not provide your medical records to your employer, however, you can choose to do so.

Why can’t I use insurance to pay for this assessment?

Insurance coverage for the components of this comprehensive assessment varies. Many of the tests and studies being completed would not be covered by usual means of medical coverage/insurance for patients who are not exhibiting symptoms. The St. Luke’s ExecuHealth service is intended to provide executives and their employers a preventative and efficient approach to proactively monitor and manage their health, and detect potential issues early rather than waiting for them to progress into significant health events.

What age is this program recommended for?

The St. Luke’s ExecuHealth program is recommended for individuals ages 30 and above.