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Wide Range of Services for Patients with Heart and Breathing Problems

St. Luke’s has many services that are available to people who have heart and lung conditions. Services are designed for each person with the goal of helping them reach their fullest potential.

St. Luke’s Cardiac Rehabilitation

St. Luke’s Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically-supervised outpatient program of Telemetry monitored exercise and Risk factor education. The program is designed for patients recovering from heart disease, especially those who have recently suffered a heart attack, undergone Cardiac surgery, Cardiac Stenting, Congestive Heart Failure, or Stable Angina . Our goal is to help you resume your unrestricted activities and to assist you with the lifestyle changes necessary to help avoid a future heart problem.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is not just exercise… It is an opportunity for you to regain your physical, emotional, and nutritional health. St. Luke’s Cardiac Rehabilitation staff has the skills and experience to meet your individual needs and goals.

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Cardiac rehabilitation services include:

  • Cardiac risk factor evaluation and outcomes assessment
  • Educational classes on nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation and stress management
  • Goal oriented telemetry monitored exercise
  • Medical supervision
  • Multi-disciplinary team of cardiac doctors, nurses, Exercise Physiologists and Physical Therapists
  • Informal support of others who have had a similar event

Patient quote:
“The doctors saved my life, you (Cardiac Rehab) gave my life back to me”