Paul Maserjian, RT (R) ARRT

My Proud Story...

Earlier this year we had an outpatient scheduled for both nuclear medicine and MRI exams here in the Anderson radiology department. The patient’s driver dropped the patient off a few hours early and left him in our waiting room. Since the patient was wheelchair bound and didn’t know his way around the hospital, staff members and I would assist him with finding a bathroom on several occasions. And because he was here so early, I took him to the cafeteria and bought him breakfast.

Thirty minutes later, I went back to the cafeteria and brought him to our waiting room to begin his nuc med test and MRI that would take another few hours to complete. After both tests, I took an X-ray to evaluate his shunt position and learned that it had moved as a result of the magnetic force of the MRI. At this point, it was about 3:00 pm and it was imperative to his health that his shunt was adjusted by our Bethlehem neurology department. The neurology department could accommodate him, but the patient would need to get to the office before closing at 5:00 pm. It was now 4:30 pm, the patient’s driver was 45 minutes away and there was no other way to get him to the office fast enough. So, I clocked out at 4:30pm and drove the patient to Bethlehem myself. We made it to the neuro office by 4:45pm and the tech was able to adjust his shunt. Needless to say, the patient, a doctor from France, was most grateful for everything I did for him and told me that he had never experienced such follow through, care and concern for a patient.

Paul Maserjian, RT (R) ARRT
St. Luke’s University Health Network, General Diagnostic Radiology, Anderson