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Janice Vazquez

My Proud Story...

I started at St. Luke’s Anderson Campus in 2011 when they first opened. I feel that in the last five years the hospital has grown in many ways and that I have grown with it. I started in the kitchen and then moved on to being a PCA and now I am working in registration. One day while I was working as a PCA, I had a patient’s family member come up to me before they were discharged and thank me. They thanked me for being so caring and compassionate and for listening. I told them it was my job and that they didn’t need to thank me. She responded with, “No it’s not your job – it’s your personality. You’re the type of person who should be in health care because you stop and try to connect with the patients. There are a lot of people in the medical field. It doesn’t mean that they all belong here, but you do, so thank you.” I will never forget that day. I never pictured myself as nurse but working at the hospital with some of the staff and patients I’ve met changed my mind. Every moment hasn’t been amazing, but the ones that were have really impacted me. It was that day I really considered being a nurse and I’ve been working at it the last few years. As I mentioned before, the hospital has grown a lot in the last couple years and I have too. I’m glad and honored to say I am attending St. Luke’s School of Nursing. This place really has become a second home and I can’t wait to see what doors it will open for me in the future. Thank you St. Luke’s for everything you do for your patients and employees. I am St. Luke’s proud!

Janice Vazquez
Patient Access Representative