Anne Grogan

My Proud Story...

Even when I started in the healthcare field as a 16 year-old candy striper at a nursing home in Bethlehem, I knew I wanted to work in geriatrics. During that first job, I had the opportunity to spend time with the director of social services who mentored me and convinced me that social work, specifically, geriatrics, was the right career path for me. To this day, working with older patients and their families is very rewarding. This is a population struggling with life through no fault of their own other than getting older. Some people age well and have social supports to help them along the journey, but for many who have no family or family who live far away, our Senior Care program helps them "age in place." The elderly do not want to leave their homes and many times will not seek services or be reluctant to accept help at home. It can be very challenging for staff, families and the patient, so caregivers need help navigating the elder care maze. I was a caregiver for my mother and despite all the direction I give to families, I faced some of the same challenges as my mother aged. You don't realize how you've impacted a family until they introduce you as their "guardian angel.” Many of my own friends are now struggling with caring for an elderly parent and I try to be there for them in any way I can, so I guess you could say my job far exceeds the regular work day, but being accessible to others in need is what social work is all about.

Anne Grogan
Director for Senior Care, Warren Campus
Hired in 1987