Carly Smith

My Proud Story...

My PROUD moment is not one in which I made a difference, but one where St. Luke’s Anderson Campus made a difference in my life. My daughter was 17 months old when she was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer. While she was undergoing treatment at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children, we occasionally got the opportunity to take her home. However, if she were to develop a fever/ fever neutropenia we would have to take her to the nearest emergency room right away. The nearest ER was Anderson Campus and let me tell you how proud the staff in our ER made me time and time again.

When we would arrive, they would swoop Kaylee up and put her in the isolation room immediately. The nurses and doctors would be so gentle and caring. I would see the staff wiping their tears as they left our room. The staff always arranged for transport to Philadelphia and provided the best care possible while we waited for them to arrive. Yes, I am an employee here, however, I truly believe the employees in that ER treated my daughter and me like family. I am so very proud to say that my daughter is 3 years and 3 months cancer free and doing absolutely terrific. Thank you to everyone in that ER for the amazing care.

Carly Smith, RN
Registered Nurse
St. Luke’s Anderson Campus