Christine Bailey

My Proud Story...

When I was in seventh grade, I remember playing music on the radio, drawing pictures and dreaming of babies. I loved babies so much! Human babies, mammal babies, amphibian babies... it didn't matter. Taking care of moms and babies was all I wanted to do.

I started nursing school when I was 18 years old, but then I became a mom to two boys. Having my own babies was more cost effective, so I thought, than getting a college education to take care of moms and babies. About three years after my second child was born, I attempted nursing school again becoming the fourth nurse in my family, the first one in my generation.

Two years after I graduated nursing school, I landed my current position as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I never dreamed I would be with St. Luke's for this long. Fifteen years to the date of writing this story and two more children later, I am still loving watching families grow.

Christine Bailey
Registered Nurse, Allentown, Obstetrics
Hired in 2001