Terry Ferguson

My Proud Story...

We see many different people in the emergency department with many different medical issues. One patient that stands out was brought in by ambulance for severe anxiety. Because we were at full capacity, she was placed on a hallway bed. She was confused, anxious and trying to get up to leave. My job responsibilities are non-clinical, but I was able to encourage her to go back to her bed and got her a warm blanket, hoping it would comfort her. I spoke to her in soothing tones and convinced her to wait to see the doctor.

A few days later she returned to the emergency department, accompanied by a neighbor and approached my arrival desk. She introduced me to her neighbor saying, “this is my friend, Terry. She is a very nice person." That meant a lot to me. She has returned two additional times to the ER and has always sought me out to give me a hug and let me know she is doing better.

Terry Ferguson
Patient Access Representative, Warren Campus
Hired in 2016